This course will teach students the basics of fashion design and develop drawing skills for fashion illustration. Students will learn about drawing the human figure and its proportions, colour combination, drawing techniques and dress styles. On finishing the course, students will be able to draw their own designs, drawing inspiration from historical fashion, contemporary fashion and nature. The basics of sewing and pattern making will also be taught so that students will understand the elements of design and fashion production and will be able to make their own design.

Students will learn about:

•  Learn how to analyse the market, how to catagorise types of products and underdstand international fashion.
•  Draw fashion sketches, model structure, and clothes. Learn how to do colour balances.
•  Study about colour matching, colour mixing and design drawing
•  Bring the past into the present in fashion design to create the design
•  Know the history, the change and the tendencies of international fashion


This course will teach students about the history and changes in style of western and Thai fashion. The students will then put their own ideas into practice to design a fashion range that shows how the past can influence the future. The focus will be on developing each students own style, improving drawing skills, and learning more advanced aspects of design and colour.

On finishing the course, students will be aware of all aspects of design, various styles both historical and contemporary and they will be able to draw at a more advanced level by exploring their own style. They will be able to design a fashion range based on a theme.

Students will learn about:
•  Study about fashion design with theme and style concept
•  Learn the freehand drawing
•  Learn how to highlight cloth
•  Find your own style and create fashion products
•  Create fashion from the past and fuse it with the present by understanding trends in fashion

Ajarn Tanyanan Dangdetch (Kru Cat)
Educational background
•  Dang's Design Institute
•  Taxila Fashion School
•  Teaching Training at Rajamangala University
He is experienced in teaching and arranging events about fashion for over 15 years at Taxila Fashion. He has been a lecturer and instructor in design and fashion subjects. He also attends activities at universities, and working with entrepreneurs who work in design, as well as teaching fashion and design to groups of students.

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